Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Japanese cheesecake for Shiva's Birthday

Baked the japanese cheesecake for Shiva..
It's another new recipe of japanese cheesecake from Margie cc..
It's taste nicer and it's not shrink...BUT...the top was cracked :(
still wonder WHY...


My 1st Layer cake

My first baking of layer cake @Brisbane...just the night before I flew back to was so took me for about 2hours to sit in front of the oven (ToT)...BUT it's so COOL...I could make it..(^o^)..nice layer for amateur...hihihh...

Thanks to Mret cc for the recipe..and thanks for everything...
Hope to see you and Malcolm again soon in Syd...xoxo (^o^)


Coffee bread n friends

Ha kau and Dumpling

Melting moments

Red velvet cupcake


Apple strudle